Embedding into Moodle: content window size


Newbie to .h5p so I'm just playing around at the moment, learning the content features, etc.

When I create content then embed it into a Lesson page on Moodle (in a Sandpit site), it appears in a content window which seems to be preset, is considerably smaller than the content block size (in Moodle) and therefore requires scrolling for viewing (see attached screenshot). Is there a way to change the preset window size?

At this stage, my institution do not seem to have the .h5p plug-in for Moodle (I believe that it's on the way) so am unable to explore the options there as yet.



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Hi Ben,

I think you might get a better experience with the Moodle plugin, as it is more tightly integrated. Otherwise, it is possible to add some css to augment the layout, to behave the way you want.

If you want to change something inside the iframe where the h5p lives, you will need to use the plugin, and use a PHP handler to add css.

- Tom