This content type requires a newer core version

Good Morning,

I am administrator of several platforms of Moodle, where, in all of them we have installed the module H5P. The version of Moodle is version 3.1.6 and the version of module H5P is version 1.4 2017060600.

Users who use this type of activity inform us that when they want to create new content of type H5P, they skip the following information message:

This content type requires a newer version. Contact your administrator to provide you with the necessary updates

Does this mean that you have to upgrade the module to the latest released version, version 1.5 2017083100?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Yes, you get this message when the author is trying to update or install a newer version of an H5P content type, and this newer version requires the latest plugin as well.