Get the user answer

I am not sure if anyone agree with me, but I think it would be good to store the answer that the user gives to a question somehow. Ofcource it might be hard for some content types like drag and drop and complex for question sets and so on. If anyone have any ideas how I can save the answers from the users, please tell me. The only way I see is to modify every content type.

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We'll do two things here some time in the future: 1. Save the users answers in a state table so that the user may resume 2. Add the users answers to the xAPI statements so that they may be used for statistics, learning analytics, adaptivity etc.

I'm quite interested in having the user answers in the xAPI statements. Is this functionality included in the roadmap? If it is, is there a release date?

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We don't have a milestone for this. Hopefully someone will sponsor or contribute this feature.