Minor bug with summary not retrying

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I have noticed another bug in the interactive course when adding summary interactivity.

Tested on H5P.opg editor, Chrome, Mozzila. Win 10.

Please check this demo course for refrence: https://h5p.org/node/121061

When you complete all interactivities in the course and you go to the last page (summary page) and click on retry, everything retries except summary interactivity. Which stay completed until you refresh the page and load the course again.

It's not big a deal but something to have in mind.


Best regards :)


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Hi Miki,

Thank you for reporting this.

The Summary content by design doesn't have a retry option this is the reason why it doesn't reset when you click retry in the Summary Slide. Although I would think this would be a feature that will have it's own uses. I suggest that you head over to the Feature Request forum and post your suggestion there.

In the meantime you can use Single Choice or Multiple choice as a substitute.



I found this thread while searching for a solution to a problem I just experienced. I am using the H5P plugin in Moodle 3.1.

I have a course presentation containing several Summaries, one Single Choice Set, and one Multiple Choice. When clicking the Retry button on the final Summary slide, the user is taken back to the beginning, but only the Single Choice and Multiple Choice activities have been reset. The Summary activities are in the previous state and with no retry/reset option. I understand that that is expected (although a retry/reset button would be great), but refreshing the page as described above does not reset it. Neither do any of the other things I tired - exiting the presentation, exiting the course, logging out of the site, different browsers.

I tried Miki's sample and the summary reset fine on reloading page, so this may just be an issue with the Moodle plug in.

Any advice/tips/tricks to reset a user's Summary results in a Course Presentation?



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Your site probably has the "save content state" feature enabled for H5P. If that feature is on it will remember your last answers even when you refresh the page.

You are right that I have "Save content state" enabled. Disabling it does allow for the user to reset a Summary by refreshing the page.

Thank you!

I'm a little conflicted now, though. I'd like for the user to pick back up where he left off if he exits the course presentation before finishing, but I'd like him to also be able to reset a summary activity in order to get "full credit" for that part of the course presentation.

Not a big problem. We may need to use Single Choice Set instead of Summary (but I really like the final product in the Summary).

Is a Retry option possible for the Summary activity?

Thank you for pointing me to the Save content state setting.


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Thanks, for the reply.

Ok understood. :)

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I can confirm this bug, and I have created a task in the H5P bug tracker to handle it.

- Tom

Very good news - thanks!


Hi Tom,

I'm using the "summery" Content Type on it's own – not within a "course presentation"
I need a "Retry" button on it. Will this be resolved within the task you've created?
or should I put in a new feature request for having a "Retry" button on the summery question?

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Hi vatat,

It should take care of it as well since Course Presentation and the standalone summary uses the same libraries.


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Thanks Tom for reporting this as a bug.


Thank you!