Ubuntu - cannot connect to H5P



Does anyone know how to fix the error below?


ubuntu@ubuntu-xenial:/vagrant/web/sites/default/files/h5p/development$ sudo h5p get h5p-interactive-video

Looking up dependencies... ERROR: Cannot connect to server: connect ETIMEDOUT


Kind regards

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Hi Thomas,

I'm on the H5P core team, and I'm using Ubuntu. :)

  1. That part of the h5p cli, is mostly a wrapper around some Github commands. What you need is to set up your system to communicate with Github over ssh.
  2. Try running it without sudo (because that is not the user with the Github account).

Regarding using H5P Cli in production

The h5p Cli is intended as a development tool, and not to get your "production ready" content types. I will get the master branch from Github, when what you probably would want for production is the stable branch, or a tagged version.

An alternative to get the content types to use in production, can be the following:

git clone -b 1.17.3 https://github.com/h5p/h5p-interactive-video.git --single-branch --depth=1
cd h5p-interactive-video/
npm install
npm run build

Of course this will not get the dependencies  like the H5P Cli does, but it will be deterministically reproducable. :) But you will have to do the same for all the dependencies you want to use. Also note that not all of them has npm build scripts yet.

Good luck!

- Tom