Page scrolls to top on action

  1. When text is dragged in 'drag the word' and released the page scrools to the top. Clicking Retry or Check in other tools also causes the same problem.
  2. Drupal
  3. Desktop
  4. Chrome 61, Not happening in Chrome 60 or Firefox. PC
  5. H5P plugin version ?
  6. H5P content type version - various tools
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Hi istory,

Thank you for the information. I think I replied to your previous post but let's continue working on this issue here. Can you please provide a sample URL so that we can test it on our end.


Sorry I  can't share a URL as it seems the behaviour is only happening inside an LMS - D2L's Brightspace. Have tried two versions of the system and it occurs in both. Not happening when the page is serveed from a normal webserver. Not sure it is something that can be fixed on the H5P side but it would be good if you could give me any idea about the sort of event that dragging a word onto a target zone passes to the browser that is being misinterpreted when it is inside the LMS or even when it is opened in a separate woindow from the LMS. 

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I'm not able to recreate your issue.

Usually when it scrolls to the top there is a internal link somewhere like this :

<a href="#">...</a>

Which will make the page go to the top (and the url of the page change to get that # at the end.

Do you see that # on the end of your url, after this happens?

If this is your problem updating the content types might help, as improvements in this area has been done lately.

- Tom