How to start a video automatically?

Hi there! I'm new in h5p and I find it very cool since I'm a pedagogic multimedia conceptor!

I would like to make a video start automatically when the slide that contains it is the current slide viewed. Is it possible? I know that there's a checkbox allowing videos to play automatically but it runs from the 1st slide, even if the video is in a further slide, and that's not what I want.

I'd also like to jump to the next slide automatically when the video has finished. Thx!


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  1. Regarding auto start, I know there is a bugfix related to it on it's way out. I think it will solve the issue you are explaining.
  2. The automatic starting of video is not supported.

- Tom

Are there any news related to this bug fix?

I also have great interest in this issue.

- Gold

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I think it should work now. Just go to the 5th slide in the demo, and the video starts automatically.

- Tom