Drag & Drop Activity within Interactive Video

Hi there. I'm trying to amend the position of a text element on a drag and drop activity within an interactive video. Once the Drag & Drop activity is saved and I then click edit to make further changes I'm unable to change the X or Y position axis. Any idea why this is occuring please? Thanks. 

See attached screen shot for X Y axis clarification.

Building on the h5p website not in wordpress.

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Hi JamesAustralia,

Would you care sharing the content's URL, I am unable to reproduce the issue using a content I created.


Hi, is there a private email address I can send the link to. The interactive video I'm creating is private and I don't want to post it here in the forum - thanks again.

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Send it to [email protected], and we'll handle it from there :)

Great thanks - an email has just been sent with subject header as 'https://h5p.org/node/127300#comment-15989' Thanks