How to create a jgp.file as a background image with several objects


I have a problem. I have noticed that the files created in Microsoft Word are not accepted as a background file in many excercices (ie. find multiple hotspots). I have not found many free pictures in Pixabay to download, so that is why I have tried to create a background image with several objects by using Word which are not accepted because the files are docx and not jpg-files. Can somebody help me: where can I find pictures with several objects in (ie. farm animals, fruits, find objetcs-picture etc) or is there an application which could be the solution?

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Hi sifabr,

A quick workaround that I can think of (since you are creating your own background images in Word) is to get a screenshot of the image created in word. Also there are some free photo editing softwares out there that you can use to create your backgrounds.