H5P Workshop and/or presentation materials

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I'm a learning technologist at an university in Slovenia and since august we have a H5P module installed on our Moodle. Since there is quite some interest in using H5P I've started to prepare a workshop for our teachers. In order not to reinvent the wheel and/or kickstart my preparations I was wondering if someone already prepared a similar workshop and is wiling to share their materials?
I will also try to get a slot for H5P presentation at our local (1000+ attendees) conference for ICT in education. Some examples or suggestions for presenting H5P would come very handy.
To begin with I'm sharing my quick H5P presentation mockup I created for a small project group workshop:

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Nice work, mitja :)

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Thanks Tim.

Why is access to this forum post denied unless I'm logged in? The post is also not listed among other posts in the forum category.

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Hi mitja,

Sorry for this. I missed publishing your post, I've published it now and should show in the list :-)


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I've presented/introduced H5P a couple of times, and I didn't use slides but simply showed stuff live at h5p.org. Worked like a charm, and you're pretty flexible with reacting to questions from your audience.

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Hi, it's nice to see what others are also creating to share H5P in groups. Thanks for sharing!