Drag and Drop - score points don't add up


 I've created a drag and drop interaction with 7 drag items. When you get them all right the score shows 9/9 (even though they're only 7 of them) when you only get one correct, the score shows 3/9, and two correct ones show 4/9 etc.

I'm attaching screen captures.

Why isn’t the total 7? And why isn't each correct answer scored 1 point?
I'm attaching the file

 How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance


They're 2 dropzones that don't have any correct elements – they are supposed to remain empty.  When the user actually leaves them empty, they are counted as correct, but the user doesn't receive any visual feedback on those – they are not colored green nor are they marked with a check (as the drag items are)  

So all the user sees is 7 drag items marked correct with a green check, and doesn't understand where the other 2 points came from

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Hi Danit,

I also came into the same conclusion. Although I would say there is another issue that I found while testing this. The content awards 2 points even if all the draggables are placed inside the "empty" dropzones. I filed a bug report for this and you can follow it here.


Thank you 


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Hi Danit, it is probably because you have 'Apply Penalties' turned off in the Behavioral settings of Drag n Drop. Try enabling 'Apply Penalties' and let me know if that helps. 

- Tim 

Thank Tim, but that's not the issue – since I have 7 drag items, I've expected the total score to be 7. 

It turns out that as BV52 reported, empty drop zones that are supposed to remain empty,
are added to the total score.

To get around this, I've simply deleted them and now the total score is 7 (as the number of drag items)

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Hi Danit,

Thank you for clarifying this. Yes you are correct the issue that I reported is another issue that I found while testing.

If you think that there is still a need to have empty drop zones in the contents that you create but there is a need to change how the scoring is handled or an indication that the content awarded a score for empty  drop zones, please head over to the Feature Request forum and post your request.


Thank you,  I'll do that