Interactive Video question for a newbie

Hey everyone! Thank you in advance for your responses.

I am wanting to try an ineractive video... HOWEVER... is there a way to get a copy of all of the questions/answers at the end of the video? For students to use for studying purposes, and for their notes/information to keep?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "copy". Do you mean like a list of all the questions that can be printed?
If it is an additional feature that you feel like the tool is missing, I recommend that you create a well-formed feature request so that it may be picked up by others.

I am clearly new to this. What I am asking that the questions in the 'video' that come up during. Is there any way that it can compile at the end, so they can have the content? Or, do I need to create a separte document?  

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Hi k.warnecke,

Welcome to H5P!

Currrenlty downloading/printing the questions and activities is not possible. I would suggest that you post a request in the feature request forum.