How to make a stand alone application with H5P

Hey ,

I wonder  if exist already a stand alone application with H5P ?

If not, how is generated the iframe of video iteractive editor ?

Tank you :)

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I'm not sure what you mean but I think I can say that no stand alone application exists. Currently H5P only has plugins for existing publishing platforms.

The editor for the interactive video is part of the h5p editor. I think a good starting point is here, but I'm afraid it won't be easy to embed this iframe on an external site.

The idea is to create an autonomous application on which we come to take editor in  ajax but it would be necessary to use for this application in php pure without using CMS :-/

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I see. In the future we will make it quite easy to achieve this, but currently it will take a lot of effort, and I'm not able to provide you with a solution for this in the forum. It would require hours of work on my part.

I'm not sure it is the same problem, but i'm currently have same kind of problem : i wan to use an offline android application of H5P.

To doing that, i'm looking a way to integrate, bellow WP, H5P module directly on my mobile.I've already done a PhoneGap Application of my worpress site and that working well with use of an iframe ( <iframe src="/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=h5p_embed&id=1" ), so i can access to h5p file by an app, but the offline feature is still problematic.

Now, i'm looking a way to cache the h5p file - by using Cache extension of WP and .htaccess.
 Do you have any idea to developp this features ?


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We're going to make IOS and Android apps for H5P in the future. Wordpress as a phonegap app is new to me. You're using your wordpress site as a backend for the phonegap app, or is there some js port of wordpress available or something?

Yes, actually, it's seems to have a lot of potentiel for me :

- WP is on this case the back-end plateform for the app - some of their plugin allow creation of cache to transform php page into html5 file

- H5P is the authoring tools to create interactive content

- PhoneGap allow creation of an HTML5 app for multidevice 

If you want more detail, i'm totally agree to share my first work and maybe help to the development of H5P mobile usage.

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Very interesting. I hope you'll keep us up to date with your progress and we'd love to see your work here on and help you promote it.

No problem at all, as I will see it.

I guess the functinality that is requested is to ba able to run all the H5P functions locally on a PC.

This can be done installing a local web server on your PC. Its not so diffcult, and I made a trad about this before:

You can then run H5P under Drupal and under Wordpress on your own PC.

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You could have a look at: