How to export questions from video 1 to video 2?

we have created a few questions (interactions) inside a video in a moodle course.

If we want to copy/paste (export) these interactions into a copy of the same video inside another moodle course - how can we do this?


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Just to make sure that I understand you correctly: You want to duplicate the interactive video in a different course? Then you could download the complete H5P content using the "Download" button below, create a new interactive content in the other course and instead of creating it from scratch, just upload the one you just saved.

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Hi Otacke,

I found that post of yours in the Forum which is similar to a question I have. I created a H5P activity in Moodle (Course presentation) that took me 1h30 time for 9 slides with a complicated content (images and sounds). Ohhh... And now I'd like to export or copy that to another Moodle course but I can't find any button or option that I could use in that sense.

Is it possible to do that ? If yes... how ?

In my school we have the 3.3.5 Moodle version.

Thanks for your help. :)


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Hi Andréa!

If you want to copy the whole presentation, you should find a button labeled "Download" in the action bar below the content unless you or the admin deactivated that option. Click it to download the complete file. Then, go to the other course, open the Hub where you can choose a H5P content type, but in the top bar switch to the upload tab where you can upload your file.

If you want to copy only single subcontent from the presentation (e.g. a Multiple Choice Question): please wait for our upcoming release :-) It'll feature copy and paste - which will also work for compound content, so the download-upload step can replaced by copy-paste.



We want to have the same video including all overlays in it in another moodle course

The procedure you describe seems to do that. Thanks

But would we need to do this video by video? If we copy the entire moodle course incl. 12 H5P-Videos with overlays, would that work too?

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Hi Azurro,

Yes, if you copy the entire Moodle course it should bring over all the H5Ps created in it.


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In my moodle site download button is not showing, its showing only embedded , what could be the reason ?

Please find the attachment.



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Hi Kumar,

If you are the administrator of Moodle please go to the H5P settings and change the option for the download button to either always show or controlled by the author. If not please ask your administrator to make the changes.