Multiple Choice: Able to "Check answer" even if no answer is selected

When you user multiple choice you can "check the answer" even if no answer is selcted by the user. That makes no sense.

If you choose to check without an answer given nothing happens and only the button "show solution" (if activated) appears. If you then click it it says "Answer required"  (or similar) but you have no chance of giving an answer anymore and you are stuck with the error. There is something wrong with this process.

- You should definitely not be able to "check" an answer that has not been given.

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Hi phaqlancs, thanks for the input. What's your opinion if there is no correct answer to the question?

Thanks for your feedback: I already guessed that a situation you mention is the reason for this bevaior, as I have seen it in the sourcecode.

Nevertheless. Usually in multiple choice questions you have an option such as "none of the above". Since basically such an "all answers are wrong" option should be a regular answer on its own! In a situation where no answer is given at all, you currently just assume that this "nonselection" was intended which is not consistent with the overall dogma "passive answers are no valid answers".

What do you think? There should at least be an option "allow no given answers to be checked".

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Thanks for sharing your perspective, phaqlancs; I see what you mean now. I feel that this would be a good candidate for a feature request. If there is a lot traction in the community, it should be included in future releases.