Opigno (Drupal) error with file_create_path

I am using Opigno LMS for Drupal and have just tried creating my first H5P content. Unfortunately, I am getting an error when saving the content (FlashCard):

Fatal error: Call to undefined function file_create_path() in /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/LMS/sites/all/modules/h5p/library/h5p.classes.php on line 1303

I have tried searching for similar issues with H5P and also for Opigno/Drupal but can find nothing relevant.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue?

Out of interest, the content appear to have been created, but I get the same error when trying to view or edit it.

Many thanks,


Hi Tim,

There is a bug in H5P for Drupal 7 related to "content development mode". Could you please verify if "content development mode" is enabled (admin/settings/H5P)?

I see the option, however, am unable to select it (greyed out tick box). Is it safe to try to enable from the DB side?

I think we'll have to dig deeper into this, please confirm the following:

  1. you're using version 7.x-1.0-beta5 of H5P for Drupal
  2. The checkbox is isn't checked

1) Confirmed - The following modules are installed and enabled:
H5P Editor
All are version 7.x-1.0-beta5

2) Correct.
Enable H5P development mode - Checked

Enable H5P content development mode - Unchecked and unable to change

I am logging in as admin and have full permissions. I am using the 1.10 Opigno release (I plan to upgrade to 1.11 in the next couple of days though).

Appreciate the help as, like a steering wheel, it is driving me nuts :)

Ok, could you try to:

  1. Disable "Enable H5P development mode"
  2. Disable "h5_devel"

Does this fix the problem?

I have disabled h5_devel, unticked Enable H5P development mode and run cron and update to refresh the system. The box is still untickable (greyed out).

The server is still in test and I am happy to provide access if it would be easier for you to diagnose.

Yes, please provide access. You can do it through http://h5p.org/contact