Issue with Wordpress 4.9 - content not saving


Never had an issue with H5P and WP until today (we believe 4.9 update happened this week).

  • Content is not saving e.g. produce a new slide in presentation but it doesn't save
  • Drop down menus e.g. font size do not appear when clicked

I have sadly lost some work today so hoping there is an update coming soon that can fix this.

Anyone else having problems?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Dan,

Merging your replies/comments from

Hi I am having issues with WP 4.9 too since the recent upgrade (it was automatic for us). Content is not saving (or some is, some isn't) and drop down menus e.g. text size don't always display. Never had these issues before until today - and I've lost a fair bit of work alas! I'm assuming this is a WP update issue? Hope you can help - Dan
Hi Dan, I am unable to reproduce the issue on my end. May I know which content types are you having issues with? What is the version of H5P installed? Please check if you have any errors in the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J for Chrome). -BV52
Thanks for replying. Course Presentation H5P = 1.9.4 OK so working in an existing Course Presentation, I've duplicated a slide and moved it to the end of the presentation. That's when the first error appears. I then go to edit the text box, and that's when the second error appears. I cannot click 'Done' to finish the edit. Hope that helps!
And here's a quick screen recording showing the issues of editing text size/H1 etc. Had to upload as an H5P file as can't attach MP4!

I've also re-attached the files here.


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Hi Dan,

I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I'm using the latest versions of both H5P (1.9.4) and Wordpress (4.9).

Which version of H5P are you on?

Perhaps you could share your existing Course Presentation and I can test it on my site?

HI Tim

I've accessed our WP site today and tried to reproduce the issue too - and it would now appear to be working! Typical but pleased that it is.

So copying and moving slides would appear to be OK. Will udpate if anything changes.


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Great to hear that Dan.