Is it possible to use the H5P created on this site on a standalone computer?

I'd like to know if the H5P contents can be downloaded and used on a standalone computer, I mean without an internet connection, for example using a browser like Chrome.

In our school we have a reduced internet connections and it would be great to use the contents without internet.

Thanks a lot for you wonderful job.

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Hi luquino,

This is possible to some degree. What you can do is install one of the three plugins (Drupal, Moodle or Wordpress) and install H5P in them. Once you've done that you can upload the H5P file into the plugins to use while offline. Although please note that you won't be able to edit the content since it would need to have a connection to the H5P hub to do so.


Thank you so much for your answer.

well, I have to say that I'm not well experiencied with drupal/moodle/wordpress, I was lloking how to install one of the plugins in Chrome but that was not very inmediate to understand. Finally I choosed a drupal plugin for developper, I hope that carries all the environment to execute h5p in it.

Otherwise please can you explain to me wich plugin I need?

Thank u so much.

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Hi luquino,

Drupal is a good place to start :-) . Also I forgot to mention that you need to install MAMP/WAMP (depending on your system) for these to work without having an internet connection. 

After you install MAMP/WAMP, Drupal and H5P, you can now create your H5Ps in here in Download them and using a portable device you can upload it into your system in school.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions feel free to post it here :-)


At the school I work at we dont have a LMS but we use SEQTA ....which I call a CMS. Is there a way to dowlnload the files say in a Zipped folder and place in the schools Google Drive and then place in SEQTA? or is the only way to use H5P without an LMS is this website?


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To use H5P within a CMS that does not have an H5P integration you need to embed the content. For this to work the CMS you want to embed the content in must allow content to be displayed from your other site, see the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. When this is set up you can embed the content by going to the view of the content where you have H5P hosted, then click the embed button in the lower left corner, copy the code and paste it within your CMS.