Video caption font size webvtt

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I find the captions (subtitles) very large and ugly, albeit so very useful. Is there a way to change the font size for resourceful designers who can access a control panel but who aren't developers?

Also wondering if .ttxt files with color can be converted to webvtt and keep the color (as in producing a karaoke effect)? So far, any caption file containing special characters like {, /, or } just appear in the text. Do you think vtt will evolve in this direction, or is it a static project?

Thank you!

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The style of fonts are typically determined by the browser you use and tries to give you good defaults. The specification for webvtt says it should be possible to style the cues both through css on your webpage and by putting it directly in the .webvtt file, but this requires that the actual browser implementation supports this. See webvtt specification.

I have not tried converting .ttxt files to .webvtt and don't know the ttxt format, but in any text format should be convertable to webvtt. For karaoke effect see this guide for styling webvtt.

Hope this helps.