I'm quiet new to H5p, I'm taking an on-line course in an italian university and they told us to learn using H5P. Fine, I think is a great tool.

They created a wordpress site to allow us experiencing whith H5P contents and wordpress pages, and I find that there the H5P editor is in italian (wonderful), but I see that here there is no language selector, so if I create a content here and I try to upload it on the university site, the messages are in english.

I tried to read the translations documentation here on the site, but actually I'm not so experienced with programming languages.

I wonder if is it possible to create contents with other languages than english, here on the H5P site.

Thx a lot.

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Hi Luquino,

All H5P plugins support multi-lingual content creation, you will have to ask your administrator to enable Italian. only supports english content creation. Eventually, multi-lingual content creation will be possible in the upcoming

I hope this helps,


Thank you for your answer.

I'm looking to the new site.