Mark the word - some marked words aren't marked

I found out, that in a "Mark the words" exercise some of the marked words were displayed together with the * that should have been invisible. As the marked words all came in pairs, like in *have seen* I eventually found out, that it's simply necessary to have another word or letter which follows the second * and everything works fine.

Here's an example in case you have trouble understanding:

This doesn't work:     I still *haven't found*

                                  what I'm looking for

This works                :I still *haven't found* what I'm looking for

I just wanted you to know about this. Thank you.

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Hi Karl-Heinz,

Thank you for reporting this. A bug report has been filed and you can follow it's progress here.


We are having problems with the content type Mark the words, especially when it comes to how many points the students are getting for solving the assignments. The problems are

  1. it counts the points wrong
  2. we are unable to click the words in the assignment
  3. we click the words, the answers are correct, but the points are not counted

Below is a screendump. In this assignment we have answered 20/21 correctly, but are getting the score 19/21 Anyone knows what we are doing wrong?

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Hi Rasmusk,

Please check my answer here.