uploading new libraries to cpanel

Hi there, 

I wanted to test new libraries from github on my development site. Before, I was under the impression that we needed to unzip a file under mysite/dev/moodle/mod/hvp/libraries from the cpanel filedirectory,  but I can't get or find the activity when prompted to select my h5p activity. 

Using Moodle 3.3.2+ on Chrome, today's h5p build.

Thank you!

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Hey Maude, nice to hear from you! 

For testing out new libraries I strongly recommend using a local Drupal installation. If you're able to set up a live Moodle site, setting up a local drupal one shouldn't be too much of a problem :) 

I recommend going about it this way because Drupal comes with a development folder in which you can clone experimental H5P Content Types into with the minimum of fuss. 

If you wish to test out libraries in Moodle, you'll have to unzip the folder into the path you specified but rename them like the other libraries you see there. E.g "H5P.CoursePresentation-1.17"

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tim wrote "For testing out new libraries I strongly recommend using a local Drupal installation."

This is the way to go! Warning: the development folder feature is only available for Drupal version 7 at the moment, not Drupal 8.

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Thank you for the input papi Jo.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for giving me such credit! I've tried installing Drupal and Opigno in the past, to no avail. I do have a moodle development site though, so I don't really care what happens there :-0

I'll have to work on that copying and renaming of folders. DOn't quite recall where to unzip the initial file.