Link to video file already on server

Is there a way to link to a video file already on the server. Instead of uploading. For example in the interactive video editor.



We've made a customization for a customer allowing them to use their custom content browser to find and reuse videos. We'll also add a textfield for pasting in urls instead of uploading videos, but we don't have an eta for this feature yet.

I really like what can be done with your interactive video creator, but it would be so much more powerful and flexible if it could incorporate external video and other external media. I am thinking about Mozilla's PopcornMaker This project seems to be on GitHub and so maybe there is a way an awesome developer can harness the work done with that project.

I am using your tools in academic libraries and we typically end up having limited streaming video capabilities. Or if a library's IT department can handle it, the quality and reliability isn't always up to par with YouTube and Vimeo. Same goes for commercially hosted sites - I'd imagine many potential users have limited streaming video. Though I suppose HTML standards-wise perhaps there are advantages to the current H5P approach, having file types options and whatnot.