Bug in "Drag and drop text" (with Drupal)

First, thank you for great job.

Isn't it strange that in "Drag and drop text" content, when after a try (with error), you attempt a retry (by pressing the retry button), all the words to drag are sorted in the inverse order of the questions boxes one (an example at See picture below *.

Incidentally, why are there these two notices when the user is disconected : 

  • Notice : Undefined property: stdClass::$name dans h5p_add_core_assets() (ligne 684 dans/home/test/drupal/sites/all/modules/h5p/h5p.module).
  • Notice : Undefined property: stdClass::$mail dans h5p_add_core_assets() (ligne 685 dans/home/test/drupal/sites/all/modules/h5p/h5p.module).


Thank you

* After a retry

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We're aware of the notices and will fix them in the next release. The inverse ordering is new to us. We're adding it to our case tracker. Thanks for reporting!

Has this been fixed in the  latest April release?

DragadnDrop 1.0.13 hasn't gotten an upgrade if I'm not mistaken

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The notice was fixed. The ordering hasn't been fixed yet.

I have altered drag-text.js and added <code>self.addDraggablesRandomly(self.$draggables);</code> to line 213 and it seems to be working correctly now.

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Super, would you mind adding a pull request for this?

OK done

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Thanks! Have made an issue for it. The developer of Drag and Drop text will review and merge it in.