How to let h5p activity support moodle Mobile Android app ?

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Hi kangland,

There's already an issue on this. Progress may be followed here: HFP-252

Well. many people have some the same needed. 

I noticed that this issue have created 2 years ago, but always unsovled. 


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    21/Nov/16 9:48 AM
    05/Oct/17 9:27 AM


I don't know why is so slow.

I think h5p core team have to take a poll for developing Priority. 

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Hi kangland!

Thank you for all your posts lately. It's always good to learn what features might be missing. Since you wonder why progress might seem slow, please let me elaborate on that topic a little bit.

H5P has become quite popular, it is versatile, and it is used in many different contexts by many different people. That's great! But it also means that there are lots of different wishes and requests. This makes it hard at times for the core team to decide what to tackle next. In order to improve that situation, a voting mechanism is planned.

However, this mechanism will inevitably have its own flaws and it still doesn't guarantee that all suggestions will be acted on by the core team. Resources are still limited, and some bills have to be paid as well. That's where the open nature of H5P comes in very handy.

You can actually take an active role and take the reins to some degree. Everyone is invited to support the project. While this may sound like a call to software developers only, it is not. There are many ways that anyone could support H5P, thus possibly creating more resources or freeing others. I gave a talk about ways to support open source software in general a few weeks ago in German -- maybe I should record it an English version, too, as the subject would go way beyond the scope of this post. Let's move H5P forward together.

I hope this cleared up the subject a little bit and helped you to understand why progress might seem slow?


Thank you for explaining patiently. 

I really understand what you said, and I guessed it is .

Sorry , I'm poor coding. but I will to contribute some ideas , resourses, as I said that I have tried many methods to solve it , I'm not requesting like a baby, you know. Altough all of them failed, but h5p with moodle is the only best choice what I have for now.

Well, I joined Beta Tester right now. I have do the software tester(web/mobile app) ,design and product managment for some years.

I think I can give an great ideas .

I also will to spreed h5p with moodle to China. I'm chinese . but first my project have done .

As you know , the center of the world is turnning to China, many company bussinese rised in China. Include Microsoft, Google, Apple, and new oversea comanpy.

As I guessed that a voiting mechanism is planned that is my a given advice.

But I really don't understand on the mobile times why don't fix support moodle mobile in 2 years

That means there is no market share on the mobile side with moodle at all. right ?

Many company's Strategic Planning is Mobile first  on some years.

And now many company's Strategic Planning is A.I first  or VR/AR/MR first .

Did you think about that put VR/AR/MR or A.I into education ,and education devlopement tools ??? 

I'm not sure h5p have plan with VR/AR/MR version.

but they're coming soon at 2020 years.

At that times, I'll turn in VR/AR/MR project .



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Hi kangland!

Thumbs up high for joining the beta tester group and for spreading the word! That's great and some of the things that anyone can do even if he or she cannot code. Thanks a lot.

H5P has been designed with mobile use in mind from day one on. That's why it is working and fully responsive in modern mobile browsers by using open standards such as HTML5 or CSS. Of course it was nice if all kinds of special apps could be supported, too. And yes, 14 month that have passed since November 2016 are quite some time, but we discussed the topic of resources already. And you should be able to use moodle sites and H5P interactions therin in a browser, too.

Regarding machine learning and VR, just have a look at an idea for improving fuzzy string comparison in H5P or check out H5P Three Image :-) However, also beware of hypes, please.


I attempt to use Wordpress and LearnPress LMS plugin with H5P. I think they're so easier than moodle. 

I think Wordpress , LearnPress LMS, and H5P installed on the Google Cloud Platform with Bitnami , all together is a good solution (showcase).

All Free, Simplely use, Powerful function, Without coding  ... more

I think this solution can accelerate H5P spreading  the world . hahahahahh~~~

It can add h5p content within LearnPress LMS, so great ,so easy, so powerful. 

Please forgive me before complain.




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Thank you for the suggestion kangland.