html on the questions

It's possible insert html on the activities? I want insert a image, for example, in some question in single choice set activities. Thanks!

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It's not possible at the moment. You'll have to do some development work to make it possible. We're adding more and more options as we go. And we prefer separate image fields for each content type so that we can control the styling and knows what we're dealing with when we upgrade the content types.

Hi, I would like to include a url in the "click & drag image" for the Course presentation

Would you be able to point me to the files I need to work on to make this happen?


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Hi, I don't understand. What are you trying to achieve?

Hi, I would like to make an "image clickable" by adding a URL to the image - I don't see a way to do that now - how would I go about making changes to the code?

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I understand. Are you using Wordpress or Drupal? With Drupal you could try to do this by adding a link field to the images you want links on using hook_h5p_semantics_alter, and add a js that adds the links to the images via hook_h5p_scripts_alter.

I'm not sure if you're able to get all the data you need in your javascript but it is worth a try. You could also modify H5P Image and add a link to it directly and make a pull request for it but I'm not sure if it will be accepted so doing it via the api is better if it is possible. Would be nice if you could write your experiences here if you decide to do this.

H5P drupal API:
H5P.Image repo:

We are using Drupal - I will give this a shot and get back to you


Is it possible to add HTML in the feedbacks, for example, here in the multiple choice question:

"You did not pass this time.
You got 1 points of 5 possible."
(Add here HTML like links etc.)

I am using Drupal 7 and was not able to change the editor text type 

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I think this documentation page might help. Note that you also probably need to change the field widget to html.

Hi, thanks a lot. Ill take a look.

Hi, is it possible to insert a swf file instead of an image?

Thanks for your answer

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Not by default. You'll need to make some customizations to allow that. This the most relevant part of the documentation:

I create a content (.h5p) and i would to intégrate it in a html page, i copy the code and make it in html page but it doesn(t work, is there ho have the same problem and he was resolved it, please help me i need it in my graduate project

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Hi Sarrah, take a look at embedding iframes:

H5P's can be embedded in exactly the same way. Try copying the embed link at the bottom of each of the examples. 

Good luck!

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Hi Sarrah!

Do you want to embed the H5P content from the page that you created it on, or do you want to use an H5P file that you downloaded? In the former case, you would simply have to include the iframe code that's presented to you when clicking on the embed button. In the latter case, you might want to look at a project that allows you to use H5P content without a full blown content management system. You basically just have to unzip an H5P file into the folder called workspace and you are good to go.

I take a look to this code, but I'm not a developer and I don't know what I have to change. Can somebody help me with the code, please? I'm using Drupal 8.

I need this to add a link to the next Quiz  depending on your results.



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Hi, what have you tried so far and where are you stuck ?
You will probably need some developer knowledge/resources for accomplishing this.