help on setup h5p library mirror server


Thanks for the great works on h5p.

We are locate in China, and recently we are going to using h5p in our Drupal project. As well know GFW in China, the access to h5p library is not stable sometimes, so it will cause UX problems in production env.

My question are:

1. any solutions for the network issue?

2. If we want to setup h5p mirror server in our own server, is it the best practise? Or any guide to setup the h5p mirror server?


Thanks in advanced for response and help!

Terry Zhang

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Unfortunately, there is no alternative mirror support, yet. But thank you for letting us know and sharing your experience.

Do you know how the network issue affects the users/authors? They should be unable to download new content types, but apart from that, it should function normally.

yes, currently, when the network not stable, I can't download the new content types.

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Hi zterry,

If downloading the new content types or updating the existing libraries is the concern I suggest that you download the examples from I've made a habbit of creating sample contents that I use to upgrade H5P in Drupal/Wordpress/Moodle in my local machine. Here are 2 samples for Column and Course Presentation that I frequently use. I chose these contents specifically since they have multiple dependencies which it automatically brings once you download them. This leaves you with only a few other content types that you need to download from the example page.


@ BV52

Thanks for your suggestion.

Is there a way we can download the content types H5P zipball directly?

I have spent many time on looking for the the ball, but failed.

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If you use/download the column example content you should get almost all the content types.