Timeline Media Not Posting on Certain Slides

     I am working on creating a timeline with embeded youtube clips and flickr images. Everything works great for the first four or so slides but my last two slides are not showing the youtube clip or the flickr image. I did the exact same thing I did for the first few slides so I have no clue what could be the problem. Any ideas?

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Hi jpnuno,

I uploaded the sample content that you provided and yes there are 2 slides that did not work as intended. I am not really sure what caused this. I was able to find a solution by copying the URL that you used, went to that website, right click on the image and viewed source. It then took me to a site where I looked for the source of the image and used that instead. If you are going to go through this route on future projects a clue would be to look for the URL right after the code og:url or og:image. Attached is the fixed content.



I really appreciate your help, thank you!