Creating content types and Drupal 8

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new to H5P -which is an amazing tool- and to drupal8, my objective with it is to create a page similar to :

to later use as iframe in my Angular based web app, the thing is after following the instruction on how to get a similar form in a Drupal 8 page

the H5P editor field does not show in the said page. it just shows as a blank article.

I still don't know if it's the best approach to get to my objective as i'm fairly new to this.

Any help on the matter is welcome, Thanks.

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Hi hmfb,

Welcome to H5P!

I'm sorry I'm not sure I follow. Are you able to create an H5P activity in Drupal? If so what do you mean with "after following the instruction on how to get a similar form" are you pertaining to the instructions in this document?


Yes, it is the said the document, however i am unsure if that's the right steps to follow to have a H5P content-type creation form like the one i linked in my first post.

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Hi hmfb,

It is the the correct document to get the H5P editor working in Drupal 8. It should look like the attached image.

If you are not seeing this. There maybe an issue with the installation or you may need to revisit the document. I would also suggest that you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing on your side. 


Hi again,

It does show as intented in the page editor, what i want however to access the H5P through a page in the  drupal website and not through the admin dashboard.

Thanks again

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Hi hmrf!

I fear that is not possible right now, sorry.