Looking for a performance tracking tool/plugin for Moodle


I use Moodle for my students' online homework and H5P for my class exercices. 

The thing is contrary to my previous LMS (a commercial provider that dramatically increased its monthly subscription by 425%!) I have no performance tracking. 

On Moodle, both show trainers and students can see the exercices/classes  done and time was spent, but there's no records section of know how well or badly they have performed for each exercices/classes, in other words whether they obtained 0%, 25% or 75% etc.. of correct answers. (see screenshot of what I'm looking for) Doing exercices is one thing. Identifying the areas where the students failed and where the trainer can help is better. 

Does Moodle or any plugin offer any performance tracking? Could it also show the students answers?

Thanks for your help. 


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Hi Nathalie!

Moodle offers several features for tracking progress. Have you already had a look at the official moodle documentation