Interactive video - Bug on quiz module

Hello H5p community,

First i would like to say a great thanks to the h5p team for given us the possibility to use this amazing tool and for their amazing job!

My configuration :

2 - Platform : Wordpress

3 - Desktop

4 - Chrome

5 - 1.10.0

6 - Interactive vidéo - quiz module

7-8-9 No erros and you can found a sceenshot below.

Secondly I have a problem when i'm using the quiz module. The quiz did'nt show the answer (and of course I seeting it well).

It's not a big deal so for manage this problem I have included the answer slide directly inside the video and I have added a "text button" over the quiz and it work well. But infortunatly I use a "text button", so it added an additional useless step of validation (see my pictures join) in the user path.

So for fix my problem, 2 options, explain me how to fix the bug inside the quiz for it show the answer or explain me how i can use just a "regular buton" (an action button) without links to pop-ups.

I try a lot of things but for now, without founding a clean solution.

So if you have any ideas feel free to share it with me ;) .

Thanks by advance.





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Hi Niko,

From the screenshot that you shared, I assume that you have a Multiple Choice quiz inside an Interavtive video. Can you please upload in this thread the content that you created so that we can check.


Hi BV52,

Thanks for your quick response.

You right, I talk about Interactive video - Multiple choice quiz.

I would like to upload my project but unfortunately it's too large (31.4 Mo) for the spec of the forum, but if you have an other way, I'm open ;)



Thanks for your quick response.

I would like to upload my project but unfortunately it is too large (31,4 Mo). But if you have an other way...


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Hi Nico,

Let's try this instead. I created a simple content here. If what you are trying to achieve is in the content feel free to download it and check the settings.


Hello BV52,

Thanks for the answer and sorry for the delay of my response.

What do you propose look goods so thanks a lot.