Preventing answer evaluation in video type

First of all - I'm loving H5P! (experimenting to use it with Wordpress).

One of the things I tried to do with the interactive video content type was to create a question (multiple choice) but not to test for a 'correct' answer but more just to have them self-identify with a particular range of options and to store that.  Often for the trainings I do, there isn't a correct answer, just different preferences and capturing that and reflecting it back helps make a point.

So - my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to have questions (multiple choice, single choice, fill in the blank, etc.) without requiring 'correct' answers (in fact, not having any 'evaluation')?
  2. If not (and I'm assuming there isn't because I couldn't find a way), can someone provide some guidence on where in the github repository these things are defined (I had a quick look and wasn't sure) so I can see if I can add this feature (I'm thinking of an option on all questions to skip evaluation of the answers and just record it)
  3. How are new question types for interactive video defined because I'd like to see if I can add one to allow multiple selections from a list of answers.

Guideance on the best way to approach this would help so the code can be shared back with the community.


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Thanks for sharing.

1. I think you'll need to do some code changes to make it behave reasonably.
2. I have been involved with a quiz project that tried to make the same multichoice and quiz be both a personality test and a regular test. I don't think it is a nice approach. Those two scenarios are quite different. The may share some code perhaps but I don't think they should share all code.
3. In interactive video semantics they are listed:
Also in library.json for the interactive video editor:
And the icons are defined in these css files: (typically .h5p-interactivevideo-editor .h5p-dragnbar-multichoice-button:before)

Thanks Falcon,

So let me explain the use case and some suggested approaches to acheiving it and perhaps you can use your project and h5p expertise to suggest the best way forward so that whatever work is done aligns with both good learning practice and h5p approach.

CASE A: So imagine I am creating a training about how to write effective emails. I provide some real-life examples of subject lines (for example) and ask people to select which they prefer. I don't necessarily have data on which works best, but there is a starting best practice. However the point of asking is not to find the best answer but to demonstrate that different people respond to different approaches. For this, I would use this data to show the vote 'results'. This would be a poll.

Case B: As part of the training I want to know what best practices they already use (or plan to use). So given a list, they can choose multiple options. These options can then be used for help both show what practices others do, but also potentially to suggest other training modules for them to complete.

So the aim for these cases isn't to make a quiz/test, but to poll their preference/practies.  Do you think these would be useful for interactive video trainings?

Possible solutions

A1: For Case A - add an 'evaluate' (yes/no) option to existing video quiz/question types so that if yes, it evaluates as normal, if no it doesn't evaluate. Both store the data

A2: Alternatively for Case A: create new types that don't evaluate for each video quiz/question type, thus doubling the number of types available just for the evaluation on/off feature.

B1: For Case B - make a new multi-select type (since one doesn't exist) and include the ability to evaluate or not.

B2: Make a new multi-select type without any evaluation capability.

I'll be commissioning someone to do this work, so want to make sure when I do commission it, I provide clearn starting guidence :-) (I'm not code illiterate, I just take a very long time as I don't do it much and find others are more efficient!)

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I see, so you don't just want one multi/single choice poll type, you want all existing content types to be able to do this. It won't make much sense to duplicate them then. You'll be better of modifying the existing content types to handle responses differently, or to be able to have result handler plugins.

By the way, multichoice does handle multiple choices:

The setting for this is well hidden under Behavioural settings. We'll redesign this so that it by default will change between multiple and single automatically.

To make it short I think they should modify existing content types and provide pull requests so that we might consider making the changes part of the official versions moving H5P forward and making it easy for you to stay up to date.

You find the repos here: