Is the Branching Scenario's app still planned?

Perhaps I'm being a noodge and a busy-body, but in the December 2017 release news email, announced that planned for the next release, was a Branching Scenario app (seemed like a great alternative to Moodle's VERY convoluted, clunky Lesson activity).  Also announced was a more seamless way to embed H5P's into text content (e.g., Moodle content) with an Atto text editor button for that task (which would allow less technically savvy faculty to embed their creations in their courses).

Are these items still in the works?  The February release notes make no mention of their status.

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Hi ormjr,

They are both still in the works although I am not sure when these will be released.


Disappointing that they appear to have been delayed, but at least not completely omitted from future versions.