Changing text window background in Course Presentation

Hi there guys,

I'm trying to change a text object background in the Course presentation activity but unsuccesfully. It always go back to the default color (white).

This was working ok when I first try it. Now only if I select some text, and apply a color, the backgroundcolor of the selected text will reflect the change but not the overall text object window.

See capture below

Thanks for any future help on that matter




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Hi Mike,

I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are asking. If you want to highlight everything inside the text object it's best to chose the color prior to typing or if the text has been typed already you have to highlight everything and choose the color. If you are trying to highlight specific words you need to highlight those before choosing the colors. The highlight color is not designed as a background color for the text object container.

I hope this helps, if this is not what you meant I apologize in advance and suggest that you please elaborate on what you mean.


Hi there BV52 and thanks for your reply.

Please look at the attatchement below. it explains in detail what I,m trying to do

Just follow the numbered callouts on the image.

In the end, my question is. Can the entire text box background color be changed ?






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Hi Michel,

Thank you for the additional information.

The "background color" option is designed to highlight the text not to fill the entire text box. The color of the text box cannot be changed but this is a very nice idea. I suggest that you post this on the Feature Request forum.



Thank you for the clarification BV52 :)