Duplicating content or maintaining tranlated content

Hi there!

H5p is a brilliant tool, and we're using it or language learning at our school.
It's great for English classes as everything is already in English. But with German and other classes our content authors bumped into this:

they translate all Enlish strings to German in one activity, but when starting with a new activity, everything has to be translated again.

any help

I'm couldn't find anything relevant on how to maintain a translated version in certain moodle courses.
I also tried duplicating an activity but I get an error that this content type is not supported: "module does not support backup and restore."

Any help is much appreciated!

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The language support is determined by your currently selected language. This means that the language for an H5P will be the same as your selected language for your Moodle interface. You can change this by going to your user profile's "Preference"-> "Preferred language" -> and select the language you want your H5Ps to default to. The H5Ps must also contain translations for the given language (german should at least be quite well supported). Unfortunately this means that every time you want to create an H5P in a certain language you would have to switch to that language for your user interface, which I can imagine is not ideal for your use-case. There is no good solution for quickly switching between the authoring language of H5Ps.

The backup and restore functionality has development focus right now, and will hopefully be available in the next Moodle release. When this is done it should be possible to duplicate an activity, which would probably be a nicer workflow for you. You can follow along the activity of the implementation of the issue at: https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-453

- Thomas

Hi Thomas,

thanks for a fast reply and a solution that works (quite) well!
Changing the language isn't such a big deal, but we'll see the quality and level of translations in the next few weeks and submit the updates back to H5P.


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Excellent, looking forward to hear from you :)

Hi, Thomas. I have the same problem now as nostro. Do you have any progress in development a solution? It's not a big deal to switch the language while I am developing my site, but imagine the switch when users work with content.

Thank you

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Hi, unfortunately this is currently not in progress. There is a ticket for it in the issue tracker at https://h5ptechnology.atlassian.net/browse/HFP-1188, where you can get notified when it is started on. We know this is a feature that many want, so hopefully we'll be able to prioritize this soon.