Text boxes in drag and drops jumping around

Creating content in Moodle 3.1 plugin.

Desktop, Chrome, not sure how to check H5P plugin version, H5P Columns - drag and drop.

Often, between saving and editing, some text boxes or drop zones shift position by 10+ pixels in random directions. So for example, I edit some other parts in Columns, I save and display, I go over the module and some objects have moved (often in sections that I haven't edited since last saving). It's normally one item some of the drag and drop sections, but not all. Interestingly, when going back to editing to fix them, the items that moved are often already selected when I enter the "task" tab for that section of content. It's a bit creepy, could be mischievous ghosts?

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Hi loccoli,

I don't believe in ghost so I don't think that's it but you never know ;-)

Anyway I've been trying to reproduce this issue in Moodle but to no avail. I think the best way that we can check this is if you can provide a video on how it exactly happens, there could be a trigger to what causes the issue. 

Also to check the version of the content you can go to the sites admin->plugins->h5p libraries (mod/hvp/library_list.php).


Hi BV52,

I'm not sure I can video this but I might keep camstudio running and then see if I can capture the change while making.

 Just to be clear, the objects don't jump around before my eyes - they are placed in  position while I'm making, I save and display to check, they are fine. I move onto another section to edit and when I'm done with that I save and display. But something in the previous section has moved slightly so it's no longer in the position I originally placed it.

A similar thing happens when copy-pasting objects into a drag and drop - often the pasted objects also appear in another drag and drop activity in the same Column that isn't being worked on at that stage. So it seems like changes to objects in one part often affect objects in another part.

Anyway, today while working I will keep camstudio running and see if I can get some video of the weird changes.

This isn't the same issue, but similar. When placing items in drag and drop, their position in relation to everything else is not the same when viewed and takes a lot of trial and error to get right.

The video is quite long, but look at these points:

9mins - placement of drop zones correct in editing screen

10.40 - drop zones in incorrect spot when viewed

13 - placement still correct in editing mode

15mins - fixing (guesswork based on how far off they are)

16.40 - still not right but closer

17.10 - adjusting again

19.20 - view - still not quite right

20.25 - adjusting again

22 - viewing, finally got them right.


As you can see, this takes a lot of guesswork and eyeballing. Also, you may ask why I didn't use drag text or fill the blanks for this activity - I did (you'll see them still in the module) but the gaps it leaves are way too big for what goes in them and we decided it would confuse students.

Module is attached. The video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckerqw79Vtg

There is an example of a box changing position in this video, as well as more examples of weird placement and adjustments.

To see the change of position when first displayed: https://youtu.be/Py07p2ebEK4 

To view initial placement - 12min

change of position when viewed (one of 4 boxes) - 13.20

then it being in a different place in editing  -  14.30

Attached the newer version of the module too.

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Hi loccoli,

Thank you for the very informative video that helped a lot in getting to the bottom of the issue (nice sound btw).

From what I have gathered from the video it was not the draggables that actually jumps around instead they actually stay in the same position in terms of the X/Y of the play area. It was the text that was used as a "background" of the play that changes. So to remedy this it would be better to use an image of the text as the background image. I created a sample for you and you can check/download it here.