Quiz where answering select image

Great application!!!

I have a question:

How can I make a question where answer is by selecting images, like example 2 in ”course presentation”: ”How familiar are you with France?”

Best, Ruben Gafencu!

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Hi Ruben,

Thank you for the kind words and welcome to H5P.

That activity is a combination of several settings and actions:

1. The most important setting is the "surface mode" under behavioural settings. This setting removes the navigation controls for the user.

2. The pictures of the flags have an invisible anchor on top of it with a simple setting - the correct answer has an anchor that will go to the next slide and incorrect answers has an anchor that will go to the "incorrect" slide which will lead you to the start of the of the game.

I hope this helps and if you have additonal questions feel free to post in the forum. Furthermore you can download most contents in H5P.org so that you check the settings by uploading them to your account.


Thanks a lot!