H5P as a Service

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I am an education designer and have started trailing H5p with a view to add the platform as a tool for educators to develop eLearning content at our Institute in the future.

I have a number of considerations and constraits:

  • we use Equella as our digital repository and therefore we would need to be able to add resources from there.
  • we use Moodle 3.3+ and ideally need to connect H5p content via LTI so that results are recorded
  • course/program categories; we will have content developers developing content for the institute for each teaching college so we will like a way of organising content such as using tags or categories so we can manage the organisation of content.
  • will there be an institute licence and what would that look like?
  • could we be involved in the beta test?

Could anyone let me know whether H5p as a Service will accommodate these sort of requirements?

Best regards,

Benjamin Waller


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Hi Benjamin, 

I'll take your questions in order:
1. I can't promise that H5P.com will be able to interact seamlessly with Equella, you may have to write some custom code here. H5P.com will of course support the uploading of H5P's just like H5P.org. 

2. That should be fine. LTI is a key feature of H5P.com

3. Content will be able to be organized into folders (which are pretty much categories) but tags will be something that will be added further down the line

4. The licenses have not been decided yet 

5. Sure, just shoot me an email at [email protected]