Issue with Slides not Updating

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen): I have created a course and it runs in LearnDash LMS. I just tried to update the background on a slide and it appears when I'm working in the plug in while editing and the minute I update the course it disappears. 
  2. Platform and version number. E.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle: Wordpress 4.9.5
  3. Mobile or Desktop: Desktop
  4. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc: Chrome
  5. H5P plugin version: 1.10.1
  6. H5P content type and version (if a content type was used), and a sample URL or attached H5P: Course Presentation
  7. Any browser console errors: not sure
  8. Any PHP errors: not sure
  9. Screenshots if it's a visual problem
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Hi, please check your browser console for any errors. If you're using Chrome follow the instructions on this link: The process should be similar in other browsers, I'm sure you'll be able to find it. Look for any errors (red writing) in your console when this happens, i.e. when you've saved and is displaying the Course Presentation on the page where the background image should be shown.
Best regards, Thomas.