Download is not latest version and missing info

I wasn't finding a thread on this, so sorry if it's a duplication.
Is there a bug or known issue with the download not keeping all of the information?

I am running into some issues with various content types. I built some content on a Drupal test site and have tried moving it to a live Drupal site and a live Wordpress site, but basically it seems like what is downloaded isn't the complete thing.

Quiz type - the downloaded, then uploaded version does not have the image at beginning, nor does it have the correct answers saved for multiple choice. I believe I noticed this when uploading from too.

Presentations - some worked and some didn't. I'm trying to find the pattern. One presentation had 27 slides, but the downloaded/uploaded version only has ten. All of the images stayed with it. Another presentation cuts off after 9 slides. Is it hitting a limit, or is it just not getting the latest version? I have found some that don't include recent edits to the first couple of slides. Yet another presentation cuts off after 3 slides and doesn't include the text that was on first slide.

Flashcards - I only have one example, but it worked fine. The images are retained and the answers check out.

Dialog cards - Again, only one example, but they seem good.

Maybe this has something to do with my Drupal test site, but my admins aren't seeing anything that would suggest this, plus I do seem to recall "loosing some info" from the content I downloaded here (though maybe I am remembering wrong).

Any help would be appreciated. I can re-create my content, but in the long run I want to offer others the opportunity to download and re-use my content with confidence that they are getting the latest and full versions.


After some more trial and error I discovered that if I make a small edit and save the content, then download directly afterwards I seem to get the latest version. Horray!

I'm still a bit concerned about quizzes and keeping answers, but maybe they will be similar. Hopefully this helps if anyone else runs into this issue.


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With the current version you must save the node again for the export file to be recreated. You could also delete the export manually from the file tree.

There is a new version on the way that will improve this.

I have had similar issues with h5p content images disappearing. I have observed it with interactive video and timeline content types. The image files cannot be found anywhere on the hard drive so must be getting deleted for some reason.

There was a drupal version of H5P that had this problem, bit it should be long gone now. What version of H5P are you using?

I am using 7.x-1.0-beta5 version of H5P on Opigno lms. I wonder if it is a permissions issue. I am running xampp on windows 7.