Shortcode not loaded in one page

Dear Admin,

1. WordPress WordPress 4.9.5 (Latest version)

2. H5P Version 1.10.1

3. Google Chrome & Firefox

content can appear when viewing post results.

content can not show when all posts are displayed in 1 page.

How to Fix it?

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I don't understand what your problem is. Can you please elaborate ?

Best regards, Thomas

SS_ex4.png can show, the problem is pict SS_ex1.png can't show when all content in one page..

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So content is not showing when you're embedding multiple H5Ps in one page ?
Please check your browser's console for any error messages and your PHP/server error log for any error messages.

please see my attach  SS_ex2.png

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Hi, this does not give me any additional information.
Can you please explain exactly what is wrong with your page and attach an image that clearly shows what is wrong with the page, then I'll be better suited to help you, I still don't understand what is wrong with your page.

SS_ex3.png the code between Iframe & shortcode.

SS_ex4.png preview after publish the code. Iframe & shorcode is showing.

SS_ex1.png in this page, Iframe showing but shortcode not showing. Because this page is all the module of course.


can you fix it?


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To check if I've understood this correctly, please answer the following questions:

1) the page in SS_ex1.png should show two H5Ps ?
2) One that you've made using an iFrame and one using shortcode ?
3) The shortcode one is not showing ?
4) How does the code for displaying the page in SS_ex1.png look, and what kind of resource is it ?

1. Yes, like SS_ex4.png 

2. Yes, look script i have SS_ex3.png

3. Yes not showing on page SS_ex1.png, but showing only SS_ex4.png

4. the page in SS_ex1.png is collection of modules in one course


hope you can fix my problem.. :)


can you help me?

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How do you create the collection of modules in step 4 ? Is this a plugin? Please elaborate. If you explain more in detail it is easier for us to understand what is wrong and help you.