Course Presentation - Embed Previously Created Content

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I don't know why exactly, but I just assumed that when I created a Course Presentation content type that I could include other pieces of content that I had previously created.  That way I could "wrap together" some smaller content pieces into one larger one.  Not possible?


I use rather complicaed approch to put different types of H5P into one large package

I would use PowerPoint + ispring plugin (not free)

ispring enable you to embed web content into PowerPoint and most importantly it converts PowerPoint to web format (html5) or scorm (elearning standard)

so I embed h5p content into powerpoint slides then upload it to the web 

check out this presentation


if you want a free way to make similar thing you can use ludus presentation tool but embeded elements wouldn't work preperly on smartphones

check out this presentation

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Hi Michael,

I'm afraid this is not possible as of the moment. Although Mohammed is on to something here.


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This is pretty neat. Love what you've done here Mohammed.  Thanks for sharing it. I hadn't heard of ispring.