Drag the Words content type examples for business email writing

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Hi all, 

I'd like to share some more examples of what can be done with this content type.  These are all related to email writing in English, primarily for customer service representative trainees whose first language is not English.  



Any feedback is appreciated, and feel free to use and/or extend.


p.s. I would have posted this on the Drag the Words content type page but attaching files seems to be disabled on those pages.

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Very cool Avi! Thanks for sharing!

- Tom


Wondering if an .h5p file like those above can be auto-opened within a browser, upon double-clicking. Thanks.


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Hi Jeff,

Sorry but this is not possible as of the moment.


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I really like it.  Great drawings and very fun to watch. Did you draw these characters and backgrounds? My only critique is that it's a little slow.  I would move more quickly between scenes.  The music is also a bit "draggy".