Image pairing missing in wordpress?

Hi everyone,

I can't seem to find the image pairing feature in the wordpress version of h5p. Is it not avalible for wordpress or I'm missing something?



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Hi Brooke,

I assume you are talking about Memory Game. If you are the administrator of the site you just need to make sure that it is not restricted the libraries if not you need to ask your administrator to unrestrict it. If it is not restricted you have to ask your administrator to download the libraries by going to the hub and clicking "Get". You can also try downloading the sample content and uploading it to WP.


it's just relaesed on yesterday

I think we have to wait untill it's released for wordpress plugin

I'm referring to this feature:

Ok so if I understand it correctly this has not been released yet for wordpress? Love this feature!

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Hi Brooke!

It has today. You should find in when you search for in in the content type hub (that's the fancy selection widget).