fatal error when there are too many blanks

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Hi there, I wonder if you can reproduce the following problem and if other people have already experienced this issue. So there is a fill in the blank test and in one fill-in-the blank exercise there are more than 25 blanks. There is immediate feedback set up. Everything goes fine until the very last item and when I would like to finish the whole exercise the page informs me that something happened, either in an error message popup or there is a white blank page and it reloads the whole page. When there are 10 or 15 blanks in another exercise this error does not occur. Any ideas? Am I supposed to keep the number of blanks around 10?
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Hi mindenaron,

The Fill in the Blanks content type does not have a limit to how may blanks you can place.

I am unable to reproduce the issue on my end. To help us isolate the problem can you please try using this content.

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