Will H5P as a Service be integrated into Wordpress?


Hello, I really like the use of H5P in wordpress.

But it spends a lot of resources from my server.

Is the H5P.COM version SaaS going to be integrated into wordpress to ease the server load?

The reports generated in H5P.COM will be integrated into the Experience API (or xAPI)?

Hugs and be with God.

Prof. Alex Dias

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One of the main focus areas for H5P.com is creating a good integration with LMS'es. Technically that means implementing support for LTI. I see there are several LTI Consumer plugins for WordPress, but I haven't tested them yet, so I am not sure how this will work on WordPress.

Is there any way I can use the H5P saas and then insert it into my WordPress site?

The h5P is mainly concerned with statistics and reports.

I'm configuring lms with plugin / theme wplms.

Is there integration of H5P.com with lms wplms?


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Although there is no formal integration with wplms, you will always be able to embed H5P content types into any of your wordpress pages. One of the goals of H5P.com is to serve as a stable content creation platform with in built statistics. Both wplms and H5P.com should be fairly complementary. 

Hello Tim,

First off I'd like to say that I think H5P is just great ... the whole process, from creating activities to integrating them into my Wordpress site is really a snap ... the experience is just so much better than  making quizzes in an lms. So thank you and the rest of the H5P team for developing such an excellent tool.

I am looking to generate visual reports from my H5P content's Xapi statements. To do this today, I would need an lrs like watershedlrs, etc. Unfortunately, these services are very expensive for a small business like mine (actually, very small, I'm a freelancer with no employees!). 

There is very little public information on H5P.com, and I'm wondering if when it is launched it will be the solution I am looking for.

  • Do you know if it will be possible to create visual user reports and activity reports with H5P.com?
  • Will it be able to collect Xapi data from H5P content I created using the H5P plugin for Wordpress and which resides on my Wordpress server?
  • I'm sure you won't be able to give me any specific pricing information, but do you know if H5P.com intends to offer different pricing plans, and one for very small businesses like my own?

Thank you in advance for your help.

All the best,