Apostrophe is always wrong

When using a fill-the-gaps exercise, whenever I use an apostrophe (e.g. weren't; can't; didn't), it always displays it as the wrong answer.
Yes, I use the same apostrophe (shift + #).

Does anyone experience the same issue or has a solution for that?




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Please search this site for "apostrophe". You will find many posts.

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Hi mygesc,

I am unable to reproduce this issue (please see screenshot). Do you have a sample content that we can test?


check >  Timothy but they  (not see) any wolves. (4th paragraph)

The answer should be "didn't see", yet, it tells me it's wrong.


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Hi gs,

I'm not sure why this is happening but after I retyped that specific phrase it is now working. You can download the updated copy here.



I checked, and re-wrote (for the like 20th time) my text. Now, for some reason, it works with my own content as well....
Thanks for you help!

All the best,