Drag Text content type (dragable text does not fit within the blanks)

I hesitate to call this a bug, but I thought I would report it anyway. Recently I've been using H5P in the Moodle Mobile app using the workaround described here. On the whole, H5P content works very well on the mobile app, but there are some small layout issues. For example, when using the Drag Text question type, the dragable text does not fit inside the blanks provided. To replicate this error, you must...

1) enable H5P on the mobile app using the method described in the linked forum post

2) create a Drag Text question

3) embed it in a label, page, book, etc.  

4) drag a word into one of the blanks

I've attached a picture to show an example of the issue.



I've also come across this issue using standard Moodle (not the app). It ocurs if you embed an existing H5P in another area of Moodle, e.g. book or page resource. See attached screenshot.


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Hi elaclare and rclay100,

Thank you for reporting this. I have created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.

Please note that Moodle Mobile app is not supported and there is no guarantee that the issue will be resolved in both platforms.