H5P joomla extension



i want to create joomla extension of H5P . I download the H5P package .But doesn't find any proper documentation about how to use these packages.Can you please give me advice about documentation that tell about how to use this .


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Hi manpreet, 

have you checked out the documentation page:


Do you have specific questions I could help with? :) 

yes i have checked this page . Also  found    H5P PHp library and H5P Editor PHP library . But didn't find the way to use them.

I also found this line "The APIs provided by these two libraries has not been documented yet." while reading this page .

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Yes, you are correct. There isn't any documentation right now but hopefully in the future. 

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I am looking for a Joomla plugin as well. It would be great if you can develop one. Have you tried:



I am very interested to use H5P for Web Based Trainings with Joomla CMS. Do you offer an extension (component, module, plugin) right now or in the near future? Would be great if you do!

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Hi Brause!

To the best of my knowledge, the H5P core team does not plan to develop more plugins for other platforms. But the code is out there, and some other communities (e. g. ILIAS, Typo3, and Stud.IP) have managed to port the plugin to their platform, and there's even a quite complete port to node.js. It is possible if you are willing to put some effort into organizing such a project yourself.