I've been playing around with h5p on my site, and it works really well with wordpress. 

Primaraly I've been using the hot-spots, like here:

There is one little thing that annoys me a bit, and that is the headings of the hot-spot-text. If I'm looking at the site I linked to, the headings are sometime cut short when viewing them on a small screen, or even the ipad. Not sure how to fix it, but it is a bit annoying since it ends up different at various screens, so it's hard to predict when creating them. Not a big thing, just thought I'd let you know.




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Nice example of usage of the hot-spot content type! We'll look into this, but it might take some time until this has been fixed.

We have just started to use h5p, and I have now made a hotspot. I wonder if it is possible to reduce the text field. I have only a few sentences and then the white field is large compare to the amount of text I have. How can I do that?

H5P file: 
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It is not possible to reduce the text field. It requires a code change. We're going to fix this, but it will take some time unless a patch is contributed or funding is provided. We're currently focusing on Interactive Video.

Thank you  a quick respond. Then I will waite :-)




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Hi Guro,

The latest version of Image Hotspots has some improvements related to smaller screens! You can download it here from

You need to upgrade the content to see the changes. This is described here:

Let us know if this solves your issue!